Why Your Mouth Waters During Pregnancy

You expected drool once baby arrives, but what's with all the saliva during pregnancy?
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ByAmy Stanford
Apr 2017
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We bet no one warned you about this one before you got pregnant, huh? You expect the nausea, the crazy cravings and the swollen feet. But excess saliva? Seriously?

Unfortunately, it’s one of those rarely talked about pregnancy symptoms. On the bright side: It’s a harmless symptom and generally doesn’t last long. On the not-so-bright-side: It can get pretty embarrassing in certain social settings and tends to make nausea even worse. So what’s behind it? Hormones, most likely. Excess saliva usually plagues women who are experiencing particularly bad morning sickness or heartburn.

Unless you would like to add a spit cup to your accessories closet, there’s not much else to do but wait for this symptom to pass and try and stay hydrated. You can also try brushing your teeth to keep any bad tastes from driving you crazy.

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