Budget Maternity Clothes?

Reluctant to spend money on clothes you'll wear for nine months—here's how to stretch your wardrobe.
ByThe Bump Editors
Mar 2017
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You’re not the only one with this problem…as evidenced by the stacks of barely worn maternity clothes in most secondhand stores. (A great place to find quality bargains, by the way.) The easiest place to start, though, is at home - in your husband’s closet. His clothes will be great for lounging around the house throughout your pregnancy, and his button-downs and blazers will probably work for the office well into your pregnancy. Worn unbuttoned, your own sweaters and blazers should also fit into your last trimester.

Once you’re ready to pick up the pocketbook, go for a few quality basics (black pants, twill or denim pants,skirt, dress, blazer) in neutral colors (black, brown, navy). Look for items that can be dressed up for work or down for the weekends. Spend less money on cardigans, fitted tees and camis. These cheaper tops are a great place to get bright colors and patterns in, if you want. Rather than buy lots of tops at once, pick them up along the way to keep your wardrobe fresh… and fitting! Another smart place to splurge is on accessories. You’ll still fit in a necklace or scarf after baby comes, so it’s worth the investment.

Finally, while it’s always smart to save, don’t be too frugal. Well-fitting clothes that make you feel good will make those tough last months a little bit more manageable.

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