Q&A: Dressing for Pregnancy?

How can I get the most out of my regular-sized clothing and my much smaller maternity wardrobe?
ByKaitlin Stanford
Jan 2017
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One of the really fun things about being pregnant is that all your old clothes fit differently. It’s like you have a whole new wardrobe to experiment with! You can continue to wear all your little jackets — they’ll just be smaller and tighter. It’s a great way to hide your caboose and show off what’s going on uptown. Simple, layered knits also look great during pregnancy.

To keep wearing your regular jeans a little longer, take a hair band, loop it through the buttonhole, and then put the other end around the button. This will give you an extra few inches.

Your limited wardrobe can get pretty boring, so experiment in different ways. Maybe you’d never in a million years wear false eyelashes…but now is the time to try. Or, if you’re wearing that same knit black dress you’ve worn a thousand times, have some fun with your makeup and hair. Belts are another great way to mix up your wardrobe. Belting higher can make your shirt flare out into a big tent, but putting it a little lower will make it clear that you’re actually pregnant.

—Cynthia Rowley

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