Nausea During Pregnancy

Nausea and pregnancy go hand-in-hand. But how do you know that pukey feeling is just because you're pregnant or if it's something else? And how can you feel better — now!? We've got answers.
March 2, 2017
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What is nausea during pregnancy?

You know what this is — that queasy, stomach-churning feeling — and you’re definitely more prone to it during pregnancy. But could it be a sign of something more serious?

What could be causing my nausea during pregnancy?

In early pregnancy, it’s most likely morning sickness — the nausea (and vomiting!) probably brought on by all those new pregnancy hormones. Usually morning sickness is at its worst between weeks 6 and 14. Nausea is also pretty common in the last few weeks of pregnancy and can even be a sign of  preterm labor or term labor.

Of course, nausea can be a sign of illness too, such as preeclampsia, HELLP (hemolysis elevated liver enzymes and low platelet count) syndrome or the stomach flu, or a symptom of a migraine or food poisoning.

When should I go to the doctor with my nausea during pregnancy?

If you’re experiencing severe vomiting and can’t keep down fluids for more than one day, or you’re getting dehydrated, call your doc. You may have hyperemesis gravidarum — severe morning sickness — or some other illness, and it’s important that you get medical attention to treat your dehydration.

What should I do to treat my nausea during pregnancy?

Remember to snack frequently — an empty stomach is easily upset — and keep your meals small and bland. Drink plenty of fluids too. Try nibbling ginger and taking vitamin B6 supplements to keep the nausea at bay.

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