Baby Names Inspired by the Magical ‘Oz the Great And Powerful’

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ByKylie McConville
Mar 2017
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With _ Oz the Great and Powerful _gearing up to make a very magical splash into movie theaters across the country, we figured it was only a matter of time before the stellar cast, crew and characters made their way into your hearts — again!

Growing up, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz _ _was one of my favorite films. I watched it with my parents, begged my grandparents to watch it with me, reenacted scenes with my cousins at every possible instance, and even now in times of trouble, I click my ruby red heels together and pray I’ll end up back in Kansas.

So today, we’ve put the best of both worlds together for your future baby girls and baby boys. We’ve got the sweetest baby names brought to you by Oz the Great and Powerful, with a little inspiration from the original 1939 cast and crew thrown in there!







Emerald — inspired by the Emerald City


Ruby — inspired by Dorothy’s ruby red heels

West — inspired by the Wild West Barker




James — inspired by James Franco, the actor playing Oz

Mila — inspired by Mila Kunis, the actress playing Theodora

Rachel — inspired by Rachel Weisz, the actress playing Evanora

Michelle — inspired by Michelle Williams, the actress playing Annie and Glinda, the Good Witch

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz inspiration:

Gale — inspired by Dorothy’s last name

Em — inspired by Auntie Em

Henry — inspired by Dorothy’s uncle

Zeke — inspired by the Cowardly Lion


Judy — inspired by the actress, Judy Garland, who played Docorthy in the 1939 film

Billie — inspired by the actress, Billie Burker, who played Glinda the Good Witch in the 1939 film

Frank — inspired by the actor, Frank Morgan, who played Professor Marvel, the Wizard of OZ in the 1939 film

Which Oz name do you love best?

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