Rachel Zoe’s Maternity Fashion Advice and New-Mom Secrets

The celebrity stylist and reality show star gets real about being a mom, and how she's working with Baby2Baby and Huggies to give back to families in need.
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By Shannon Guyton, Contributing Writer
Updated March 2, 2017
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Rachel opened up to The Bump about the best and worst parenting advice she’s gotten (and her perspective is very refreshing!). She also let us in on how she’s giving back to families in need.

The Bump: What’s something most people would be surprised to know about your pregnancy?

Rachel Zoe: Being pregnant with Sky was really great actually. Maybe the fact that I wore heels until I gave birth. A lot of people made fun of me for it. I was determined!

TB:  There’s a moment in every new mom’s life where you realize,  “Holy crap. I’m really a mom!” What was yours?

RZ:  I think it was when realized the amount of time I was spending on and — almost as much as I’m on! I also think the fact that my bag’s filled with everything from makeup to toy cars and crayons, to baby wipes. I think I realize every day at some point that I’m a mom. But I love it so much.

TB: What’s the  best parenting advice you’ve gotten?

RZ: The best advice I’ve gotten is not to miss anything and to enjoy every minute because it goes really fast. I listened to that, and I don’t miss anything. I really don’t. I’m with Sky everywhere. And it’s pretty incredible.

TB: How about the worst advice?

RZ: The worst advice is that you should study everything before you give birth. I didn’t. I just kind of winged it, and that’s what worked for me. You have to do what’s right for you, and there’s no real right or wrong. Go with what feels best for you and your family. Don’t obsess.

TB: What were your maternity fashion go-to items?

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RZ:  My uniform was leggings, jeans that had a little band at the top, long tunics and fitted jackets. I felt I needed to  be comfortable and that things needed to be structured, so I didn’t get completely swallowed by my clothes.

TB: Any advice for the super-tired, sweats-wearing mamas that are trying to feel like themselves again?

RZ:   Wear leggings and riding boots, a cute jacket and some lipstick. Give it five extra minutes and don’t let yourself go — don’t — because all of a sudden it spirals and you don’t feel cute which will make you unhappy.

TB: Let’s talk a little bit about Baby2Baby, an organization that provides baby gear and clothing to needy families in Los Angeles. How did you get involved?

RZ:   Two of my very dear friends are at the helm of Baby2Baby, Kelly and Nora, and they asked me to be an “angel” a little while back. I can’t think of a better honor. Before that, I’d become an ambassador for Save the Children, which helps kids on a global level, but I also think you can never lose sight of what’s happening next door. One of three mothers is literally choosing between food and diapers. That’s not okay!

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