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Worst Things Moms Brought To The Hospital

You probably already read up on all the hospital bag essentials you should pack for delivery, but what about the items that are completely unnecessary?

"We brought Monopoly. Um... don't bring a board game!" —_ LilMsPriss83*_

"Keep the baby book at home. You won't have time to fill it out!" — Jacqueline R.

"I brought way too much stuff, like makeup and two books. All I really needed was our camera, our iPad (we watched some of The Office during my induction), my phone, some comfy pants, a nursing tank, slippers and some essential toiletries. Everything else was just clutter!" — Evelyn H.

"We brought like a million outfits and diapers of our own. Turns out, we used one _outfit for taking baby home in and none of the diapers!" — _Maya R.

"I never used my makeup or hair stuff!" — Sophia D.

"Two bikinis! I don't know what I was thinking when I packed those. I guess my pregnancy-brain rationale was that I didn't want to show my 'goodies' to everyone so I would wear those as 'cover ups!'" — Monika R.

"I packed snacks for my husband and guests. (I ate some after delivery, but the hospital food was actually good!). I don't know why I packed so much food for other people." — Nadia M.

"I brought snacks, but I didn't want them at all. Instead, I had my mother-in-law pick up some fast food. After the birth, I was ravenous!" — _Gloria D. _

"I packed too many changes of clothes because it took me a couple days to feel up to getting dressed." - Lena V.

"I didn't use most of the stuff I packed. Even though I thought I would like to wear my own PJs in recovery, I just couldn't be bothered to put them on." —_ Melisa B._

"Underwear — I stayed in the hospital mesh panties and have been using them since we got home. I would much rather use them the first week postpartum and just be able to toss them rather than risk ruining my own underwear." — Diana R.

"I packed so many sanitary pads and I didn't use any _of them! The hospital provided me with a ton of the giant maternity pads." — _Sarah O.

"Don't pack diapers or baby supplies. The hospital usually supplies you with everything you need. The best thing to do is call ahead of time and ask what they'll give you. No reason to pack what you can get for free from them!" — Alexandria L.

"My husband and I showed up at the hospital like we were on vacation — we had a suitcase, a duffle, diaper bag and backpack. But I didn't use 99 percent of the stuff in them. I was way too exhausted to read or to shampoo my hair, let alone blowdry it. And the makeup? Forget it!" — Elena M.

"I bought a ridiculously cute outfit for the baby. But all the pieces — socks, jacket, pants, onesie, hat - made dressing her way too complicated. I wish I'd just brought a sleeper!" — Lillian B.

"Don't pack anything new that you haven't worn yet. I only brought comfortable clothes that I had worn before and knew I would be comfortable in. I wouldn't be caught trying to fit into something brand-new — especially after giving birth to a baby!" — Estelle W.

"You can leave the following at home: Your dignity. Your modesty. Your sanity." — Hanna B.

*Some names have been changed.

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