Rihanna on Why She’s Not Letting Pregnancy Change Her Fashion Style

“My body is doing incredible things right now, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that. This time should feel celebratory. Because why should you be hiding your pregnancy?”
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April 12, 2022
Asap Rocky kissing Rihanna on the cheek at the 2021 Met Gala
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Rihanna isn’t going shopping for maternity clothes during her pregnancy—and for good reason.

The singer, now in her third trimester, has been making headlines for her maternity outfits, perhaps most notably for the sheer Black Dior dress she wore during Paris Fashion Week. In a new interview with Vogue for their May cover story, the singer, 34, opened up about why she’s chosen to keep her fashion style the same despite her changing body. “When I found out I was pregnant, I thought to myself, ‘There’s no way I’m going to go shopping in no maternity aisle.’ I’m sorry—it’s too much fun to get dressed up,” she told the outlet. “I’m not going to let that part disappear because my body is changing.”

In fact, Rihanna noted the Dior dress “is the closest thing to maternity clothes,” she’s worn thus far. She added she doesn’t believe in wearing clothing just for the sake of pregnancy—and she hopes her take on maternity fashion will help empower other pregnant women. “I’m hoping that we were able to redefine what’s considered ‘decent’ for pregnant women,” she said. “My body is doing incredible things right now, and I’m not going to be ashamed of that. This time should feel celebratory. Because why should you be hiding your pregnancy?”

She hopes her love for fashion is passed down to her child, telling the outlet, “That is the day that I will have a problem, if my child don’t like fashion? What??” But, while she’s excited to share her love of fashion with her child, she admited she has yet to buy any baby clothes (though trips to Bonpoint and Baby Dior have been planned). Rihanna does, however, have a baby bathrobe that was gifted from a hotel she stayed at in Paris. It’s a replica of the robe she herself wore during her stay. “It is legit the tiniest, cutest robe I have ever seen in my whole life,” she said.

Maternity clothing isn’t the only aspect of pregnancy Rihanna feels isn’t right for her: She also wants her baby shower to be free of brunches, blush tones and animal-shaped objects. “It’s lit for a lot of people—I’ve even planned a couple of baby showers like that myself—it’s just not right for me,” she explained. “Personally, I want a party. I want everyone to be plastered and crawling out. And it’s got to be co-ed! Don’t put me on no wicker chair somewhere with gifts at my feet where everyone is staring at me.” She also doesn’t want a gender-reveal, noting, “When we’re ready to tell the world, we’ll just tell them.”

While she admitted she’s nervous about certain aspects of motherhood, she’s looking forward to learning from her child. “They’re going to teach me more than I could ever teach them. And I want them to go for it. I want to see who they are in the world, who they become,” she told the outlet. “Because I’m just here to keep them on the rails—a passenger as much as the driver.”

The Couple’s Pregnancy Announcement

Rihanna announced she was expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky earlier this year. At the time, the couple was seen out and photographed in New York City. In the photos, Rihanna wore a long pink jacket, unbuttoned to show her growing baby bump.

Both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky had previously expressed their desire to have kids. While speaking with GQ in May, the rapper said he was looking forward to becoming a father one day. “I think I’d be an incredible, remarkably overall amazing dad. I would have a very fly child. Very.” He also told the outlet Rihanna the love of his life, saying that she was “the one.”


In an interview with British Vogue, conducted in March 2020, Rihanna also spoke about her desire to become a mom someday—with or without a partner. “I feel like society makes me want to feel like, ‘Oh, you got it wrong …’ They diminish you as a mother if there’s not a dad in your kids’ lives,” she told the outlet. “But the only thing that matters is happiness; that’s the only healthy relationship between a parent and a child. That’s the only thing that can raise a child truly, is love.”

The couple began dating in 2020. Congratulations to the parents-to-be!

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