These Are Google's Top Trending Baby Name Searches From the Past Year

The data shows searches for nonbinary and unisex names have been on the rise.
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September 30, 2021
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What’s in a name? It turns out, when it comes to baby names, a whole lot of trends—and options! If you’re a parent-to-be and still perusing the web, books or family tree for your perfect baby name, you may consider looking at Google’s data for the top trending baby name searches from the past year.

According to the data, gender neutral baby names are still on the rise. In fact, search interest in unisex names and gender neutrality has been steadily increasing since 2004 worldwide. The analysis also found that in the US, girl names have been searched more (at 57 percent) than boy names (at 43 percent) since 2004. Below some more of their findings for the top searched phrases over the past year.

  • Nonbinary names; up 550 percent
  • Cool unisex names; up 400 percent
  • Vintage baby names; up 250 percent
  • Powerful girl names; up 170 percent
  • Rare boy names with meaning; up 160 percent
  • Most common first name in the world; up 140 percent
  • Preppy boy names; up 110 percent

Alongside the phrases, Google also pulled the top 10 trending searches for boy and girl baby names. Here’s what they found.

Top 10 Trending Girl Names

2. Autumn
3. Everly
4. Isla
5. Naomi
6. Ariana
7. Amelia
8. Eliana
9. Mila
10. Aria

Top 10 Trending Boy Names

1. Luca
2. Aiden
3. Kai
4. Caleb
6. Levi
7. Jaxon
8. Jaxson
9. Logan
10. Hunter

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