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How to Relieve Headaches Without Medication

If you're nervous about taking medication during pregnancy, check out these ways to get rid of a headache naturally.

Hate to break it to you, but headaches are really common during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester—chalk it up to surging hormones, drops in blood sugar, increased blood volume and circulation, stress, lack of sleep, dehydration and even caffeine withdrawal (ugh). Thankfully, there are ways to find relief, and trying to cure your headache without medication can be a great first step. Reach on for tips on how to get rid of a headache naturally. (They’re also great techniques to try after pregnancy!)

• Find someplace quiet. Go to a room away from noise and dim the lights.

• Cool down. Try placing a cool compress on your forehead or over your eyes.

• Keep your sugar levels up. Eat small, frequent meals to make sure your blood sugar levels don’t drop.

• Drink water. Stay hydrated—keep a water bottle with you at all times.

• Relieve stress. Consider enrolling in prenatal yoga or stress management classes, if your headaches are caused by tension.

• Exercise. Take regular time for low-impact workouts—daily, if possible.

If you do want to take medication, Tylenol is usually safe. Check with your doctor before taking anything else, even something prescribed to you before pregnancy. Most importantly, talk with your doctor if you’re experiencing frequent headaches, or if Tylenol or simple relief measures aren’t working. Headaches, particularly when combined with high blood pressure, can be a sign of a serious medical condition.

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