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Q&A: Is “Yeast” the Same Thing as “Thrush?”

Is "yeast the same thing as "thrush" or is there a difference?

In my practice, thrush is one of the most frustrating issues for new moms to faceprimarily due to the coordination of healthcare practitioners needed to effectivelytreat thrush. Moms can have thrush. Babies can have thrush. Or both momand baby can have thrush. Regardless of the scenario, both moms and babiesshould be treated simultaneously due to the fact that thrush can easily be spreadback and forth between the mom’s nipple and the baby’s mouth. In fact, therehave been many examples of thrush being spread through entire families astoddlers come in contact with items that have touched the baby’s mouth. It isextremely stubborn but not impossible to eradicate, especially if caught early.Since both mom and baby should be treated together, it requires both the OBand pediatrician’s practice to be on the same page for timely, appropriate, andeffective treatment.

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