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Maternity Bras: What You Need Now And Later

Yep, your breasts are changing. Check out this timeline for the best types of bras to wear during pregnancy and after baby is born.

Months 1–3

Your regular bra

You can probably get away with your regular bra for those first couple of months—but be realistic and prepare for an upsize very soon.

Months 4–6

Cheap bigger bra

Bet that regular bra is starting to smoosh your boobs. Are the straps digging into your skin? Do your breasts look like they’re migrating under and over the sides? Hold off on a maternity bra—all you need is to go up in band and cup size. The key here is to think cheap. You won’t be wearing this bra for long.

Months 7–9

Maternity bra

Time to give in and go for the much-anticipated maternity bra. It’ll give you some major support, especially along your sides, which can get really sore now. Invest in two and then rotate them.


Nursing bra

Your goal: support and easy access. skip the underwire—it puts too much pressure on your breasts and can cause clogged ducts.

New sexy bra

Your boobs won’t be the same, even if your size is back to normal. Now’s the time to buy something that makes you feel sexy. We know this is a splurge—but we couldn’t resist. Besides, most women buy four bras a year, so if you just buy one, then you can make it a fancy one.

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