Tips for Decorating the Nursery

Planning and decorating a nursery can be pretty overwhelming, we know. But try not to stress, and consider these tips from moms who’ve been there.
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May 10, 2018
simple, modern baby nursery
Image: Monika Kirkland

“Don’t forget to add something personal. Add lots of colorful pictures and family photos to the walls. The baby definitely needs something to stimulate them by their changing tables. My daughter loves to look at different pictures that I post there while I change her. I also included family pictures so she can begin to recognize familiar faces.” — rspiegel

“Pick one thing you love–a piece of art, a clothing print, a blanket, and then pull colors from there! This way the nursery will look pulled together.” — MommyKisses

“Make sure everything you buy is washable. Buy nothing that says ‘spot clean only’ or you will regret it!” — pielum

“Don’t just look in baby departments and baby stores for room decor. Some of my favorite pieces came from a trendy urban college-kid type of store!” — dharmarebel

“Be sure you have a comfy rocking chair. It will make those late nights (and early mornings) a little more bearable.” — BigAsWife

“Don’t place the crib near a window. Once they can pull up on the crib, all your window treatments are fair game.” — CraziKaty

“Make sure the lighting is flexible. Sometimes you will want it bright, and other times you will want a soft light so you can check on them without waking.” — saldridg

“Think outside of the box!  Mix and match items from the bed sets, paint the room in a way that makes sense to you (not what someone is selling you).  And have fun doing it!” —krystalmatsue

“Start with the crib—and start early! It’s the focal point of most nurseries. With so many only available (or available in your location) online, you need time for delivery. Backorders, damage from shipping and other problems can set you back weeks. If you have to return, replace or find a new crib you’ll need plenty of time to get this done before the little one arrives, and you’ll need to know what you’re going to have in order to plan the rest of the decor.” — wanitten

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“One word: storage. An organized room helps me feel far less frantic and chaotic after a long night/day of a crying, fussy baby!” — CaseyDeuce

“Think about the big picture!  Baby grows so fast; plan a room that works for a one week old, a six month old, a one year old and maybe beyond that. You don’t want to redecorate constantly — it gets expensive!”— Drgnfly

“Treat the nursery like you would the rest of your home; if you love modern design, go with it. Don’t feel the need to fit some old-fashioned criteria. Otherwise, your child will grow up to have terrible taste in home decor.” — MadameBlack85

“Keep it simple and uncluttered (they will clutter it soon enough). I love using self-stick wall borders and murals. They are inexpensive and easily changed if your child would like something else later.” — trevelan

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