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Woman Becomes Mother of Dragons in DIY ‘Game of Thrones’ Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Baby is coming.
PUBLISHED ON 10/24/2018

The Mother of Dragons is welcoming one more to her pack.

Maegan Kopachy is a self-proclaimed nerd, who employs the “go big or go home” ideology when it comes to Halloween photos. But this year, there was even more incentive for her and her husband to set the stage for the most epic DIY scene yet.

"When it comes to Halloween photos, my friends, family and clients all know that I like to go all out. Every year, I dress up my dogs—Meat and Sophie—and take their photos. With each year, my ideas get more and more off the wall, so we've resorted to DIY costumes to fit my dogs and my ideas,” she explains to The Bump. "But this year was our most epic year yet, because we're adding another ‘kid’ to the mix and needed to tell the world!”

As big-time Game of Thrones fans, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for the couple to play off the “Mother of Dragons” storyline.

“We always joke that I'm the ‘Mother of Dragons,’ but this year, we made that a reality. With two puppy dragons on the outside and one human dragon growing in my belly, we set out to surprise everyone with our Game of Thrones-themed pregnancy announcement,” the mom-to-be says.

Turning her vision into a reality wasn’t easy, but luckily Kopachy was dedicated to the cause.

“I enlisted the help of my mom, Marikay Bellino, to make custom costumes for these two [dogs]. She repurposed two of Meat and Sophie's old Halloween costumes... Then she made the horns with an old T-shirt and stuffing, and attached them to a leather band to use as a headpiece... To complete the costume, she used wire to create the shape of wings.”

The most important look came next.

“What's a few dragons without their mom,” Kopachy asks. “I created my Daenerys Targaryen costume by repurposing an old pleated dress, fabric from another dress as a cape and purchased the jacket, wig and boots from Amazon.”

The pair then attached a picture of the baby’s sonogram onto the “dragon” egg.

“The dragon egg was a large, plastic egg covered in duct tape scales. My husband dressed as Jon Snow, with his cape from a Halloween store, a wig from Amazon and two belts criss-crossed on his chest,” she says.

“This is our first baby—and a rainbow baby at that—so I wanted to have our announcement be unique and completely ‘us’ as a family. Sure, we may be nerdy, but what's fun in being normal,” the soon-to-be-mom jokes.

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