11 Not-So-Royal New-Daddy Realities Prince William Better Get Ready For

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March 2, 2017
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Congratulations to Prince William for joining Team Daddy! His little baby bundle,  Prince George Alexander Louis arrived on Monday morning and we’re sure that since then, things have been a little different for the new daddy.

Even though Wills successfully strapped his boy in to his car seat (and breathed an adorable sigh of relief after it was over!), we’re sure he’s got a few questions about what to expect. That’s where we come in! We thought we’d clue Will in on some new-dad realities he’ll need to be ready for.

Our favorite resident daddies’ at The Bump dished on the top things that Wills will need to be prepped for now that Prince George has arrived. Pip, pip, Prince! We’re not in the Palace anymore!

1. No. More. Sleep. FOREVER.

2. Irrational and illogical behavior.

3. Never being on time — ever again.

4. Having a mini-me around!

5. Stealthy ninja-like moves late at night to avoid waking sleeping babies.

6. The 67 extra arms you’ll need to carry all baby’s new gear around.

7. The never-ending worry

8. How often they nap — and how much laundry they produce.


10. Just how tiny they are when you first take them home. (You know they’re going to be small, but they’re so small you feel like you can break them — and you sort of don’t know how to hold them.)

11. Constant baby poop. All. Day. Every. Day.

What was one thing your partner prepped for before becoming a parent?

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