Baby Gear for Twins and Triplets

Buying two of everything can blow your budget pretty quickly. Find out which items you do and don't need to double up on.
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happy excited baby twins
Image: Natalie Champa Jennings

Nonnegotiable doubles:

• Infant car seats. Sorry, need one per customer here, no matter what. Most hospitals won’t let you bring your babies home without them.

Cribs. In many cases you can get away with sharing a single crib for a few weeks, but eventually your little guys are going to want to spread out. For safety—and comfort—give them their own sleeping space when they’re starting to move.

Double bonuses:

Bouncy seats. Those babies aren’t going to spend their whole day in the crib, so when it’s time to get up, it’s nice to have a place to put them. Placing each one in a bouncy seat can give you time to do something fun, like brushing your teeth and doing the dishes.

Bottles. Even if you plan on breastfeeding, there’s a chance you’ll have to “top off” with some formula, or you’ll have to pump and let someone else do the feeding. Keep those bottles at the ready for when you need them.

One is enough (for now):

Stroller. Technically, you only need one, but make it a double.

• Twin feeding pillow. Oh-so helpful when it comes to either breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, because you can get double the job done in half the time.

Play mat. Spending some time on the floor will help your tots develop muscle tone and strength, and you can keep them both on a mat for company.

Swing. One more place to put ’em down (together if they’re small enough, or separately when they get bigger).

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