Little Girls, Big Dreams: Barbie Ad Showcases Youngest Professionals

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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated March 2, 2017
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For most kids, playing teacher or doctor usually requires recruiting a stuffed animal classroom or little sibling patient. But these little girls got the chance to bring their imaginations to life, subbing in for actual professionals for the day.

Meet Professor Gwyneth, who led a college class.

“The dog’s brain can’t think as much as the human’s brain because there’s no high school for the dog,” she tells her students. What she lacks in accuracy she makes up for in confidence, which elicits a laugh from the undergrads.

Then there’s Coach Maddie, who serves as a drill sergeant to a dismayed (and amused) men’s soccer team.

“Knees up, like a unicorn,” she shouts.

The point of this video? It’s Barbie’s latest ad, proving that girls really can be anything. In spite of the flack Barbie gets for making dolls with unrealistic proportions, empowerment’s been the long-standing mission of the brand, which has been introducing different career-oriented dolls for 56 years. And every Thursday, they throw it back to a different working-girl-Barbie on social media. Last week’s #TBT? 1973’s Surgeon Barbie.

Sure, this campaign — and this awesome video — promotes the brand. But it’s also a testament to the power of imagination. Maybe your daughter won’t be able to teach biology at a university just yet. But a homemade classroom full of Barbie dolls is a good place to practice.

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