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4 Cars to Consider When You’re Ready for a Family-Friendly Upgrade

Whether baby’s on the way or just on the brain, it’s time to reconsider your ride.

As carefree adults, our beloved rides are there to safely get us from point A to point B with style and speed. But as our lives shift from singledom to parenthood, so do our car needs. A roomier interior, more generous trunk space, hands-free convenience—these features carry a lot more weight when a family’s in the picture. Fortunately, there are plenty of cool, fun-to-drive options out there that can accommodate an expanding clan without making you feel like you’ve morphed into a soccer mom overnight. Using the helpful search features on Autotrader, we rounded up our favorite examples. Find the car below that best resembles what you currently drive, then click to reveal the family-friendly option that’d make for an ideal swap.

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