These Dad Photos Are (Almost) Too Adorable for Words

Here's to you, Dad.
ByNatalie Escobar
Jun 2017
Desktop: Father and baby making faces at each other. Mobile: Father lifting his daughter into the air

Father’s Day is upon us, and you know what that typically means: the beginnings of your soon-to-be annual tradition of getting Dad a new tie (well, not around these parts). Dads play a much more important role in your family—as seen in these everyday moments captured on Instagram. And he deserves all the applause for being everything from your labor and delivery MVP to baby’s no. 1 fan and protector. So cue the awwws and try to hold back the tears.

All the nuzzles

Please put a bow on top of this father-daughter cuddlefest because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Head-to-toe kisses

Nope, nothing embarrassing about this tiny foot in mouth situation.

Being held

Let’s linger on this sweet newborn bonding moment with her dad.

Roll play

Have baby, will travel for this Oregon dad of three who leads the way.

The eyes have it

This newborn literally only has eyes for dad, and it’s the sweetest thing.

Welcome to the world!

Nothing compares when Dada goes gaga in the delivery room.

Face plant

Not sure who’s enjoying this cheeky kiss more: baby or daddy.

Tummy kisses

It’s playtime, and baby is loving every moment of it.

Being silly

Photo: @melrwhite

This little lady is more than ready for her closeup with dad.

Meet and greet

There are no words but plenty of raw emotions as this dad meets baby for the first time.

Up in the air

Don’t worry, dad’s got you.

Naptime pals

Looks like baby isn’t the only one who needs to catch up on some zzz’s.

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