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Friday Fun: What We’re Loving Right Now

Ever since Daylight Saving came to an end, we’ve been adjusting to colder, darker days. Other than fantasizing about three-month long vacation packages to the Caribbean that we’re not actually booking and in denial that winter is really coming (why, oh, why, Winter Storm Astro?), we needed a shot of sunshine to get us through the cold spell. Our solution? Finding sunny-hued, happy accessories for you and baby that’ll easily brighten your day.

1. Bianca Pratt Gold Initial Necklaces

These beautiful necklaces from Bianca Pratt are a more delicate version of the popular initial charm necklaces that are a mom favorite. They’re great for layering with other necklaces already in your jewelry box or, if you’re a mom of two (or more) like me,  help justify why you really need two initial necklaces on your Santa wish list. 10K Gold Initial Necklace: $ 275 and 10K Gold Initial Necklace with Pavé Diamonds: $740,  biancajewelry.com

2. Freshly Picked Gold Moccasins

Baby mocs by Freshly Picked have been around for a few years, but this limited edition pair in gold feels so festive with the holidays a few short weeks away. Made in the USA, these have the same durable leather and soft soles that are a hallmark of all Freshly Picked baby shoes. $60, Freshlypicked.com

3. Bandolier Hands-Free**  iPhone Case**

Any busy mom knows you need about four hands to manage the baby stroller,  the accessories and let’s not forget the actual baby. This crossbody iPhone carrier from Bandolier is a pretty genius way to keep your mobile device close at hand, but still frees you up to do all the other mom stuff. $60, Bandolierstyle.com

4. Nest Designs Bib Bandana 

Any time a company can make a product look waaay more chic than its intended purpose, we shout hurrah. Meet Nest Design’s adorable bib bandanas: it does the work of a bib but makes a fashion statement — a feat when there’s drool involved. Trust us, when he grows up and looks back at photos of his bandana-wearing cuteness, he’ll thank you. $15, Nestdesigns.com

5.** BabyHome   Travel Cot **

With millions of families traveling between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you’ll more than likely need a lightweight travel cot for baby. And if it happens to be amazingly well made and beautiful to boot, well, you’ll likely think about taking more family road trips!  $249, Diapers.com