Funny Video Shows How Real Moms Clean The House

ByAnisa Arsenault
Associate Editor
Feb 2017
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Photo: YouTube

A pristine home is tough enough to maintain without kids. But with a baby or toddler in the house, it’s impossible, right?

Not according to Michelle Villemaire of Home Made Mimi. As TLC’s resident DIY-er, Villemaire knows a thing or two about tackling tough projects. And in a new video, she hilariously outlines the toughest project of them all: keeping the house clean with kids.

Follow her eight-step plan to perfection. But when it all falls apart by step eight, feel free to turn to our own expert organizational tips.

1. Remove children from the house.

This requires setting up a playdate.


2. Clean that house and love it

Bye Leggos. Bye doll shoes. Bye crumbs.


3. Evaluate the dirt situation

Brace yourself. They probably brought friends.


4. Whatever. Just vacuum them

Don’t forget between the toes!


5. Hinder their ability to function as normal children

They’ll have to adapt to your boundaries.


6. Outside time!

Whatever that means for kids these days.


7. Lock doors and windows

Although they always find a way back.


8. Employ emergency action plan 

If you can’t see the mess, it’s not there.


Commiserate and watch the full video below.

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