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9 Must-Haves for a Healthy, Happy Nursery

Create a room both you and baby will love to spend time in.

The cute factor obviously plays a big role in how you choose to decorate baby’s nursery. (Hello, adorable crib bedding and sweet stuffed animals.) But beyond the overall look, you’ll also want to make sure every item promotes a healthy and safe environment for baby—bonus points if it makes life easier. Since we know you have a lot on your to-do list, we rounded up nine eco-friendly and smart tech items guaranteed to keep you, baby and the planet happy.

1. Swaddles to Sleep Tight

Comfort is key to a good night’s sleep, and newborns will snooze better and longer in a swaddle that mimics the cozy feel of the womb. Look for soft, breathable swaddles made from organic cotton muslin, which helps retain the perfect amount of warmth. Aside from sleeping, these versatile blankets can also be used for tummy time and burping, and on the go as a stroller cover or nursing cloth. Aden + Anais organic swaddles, from $49 for set of 3,

2. Odor-free Diaper Pail

When you’re going through 6 to 10 diapers a day, a pail that locks in odor is a lifesaver. Munchkin teamed up with Arm & Hammer to design a sleek step-pail with a self-sealing system that keeps the bag closed when you open the lid, ensuring all you smell is the lavender-scented baking soda stored in a pod underneath. Munchkin Step diaper pail, $65,

3. Multi-Tasking Air Purifier

Sure, you protect baby from outside germs and pollutants, but don’t forget to do the same at home. Using a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) purifier in the nursery can help improve indoor air quality. (This one is certified asthma and allergy-friendly, and even removes microscopic allergens and pollutants.) Other features that make it perfect for baby’s room? It does triple duty as a heater and fan, has a quiet nighttime mode, and can be controlled from your phone with the Dyson Link app, so you won’t risk waking baby. Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link air purifier, heater and fan, $600,

4. Adjustable Play Gym

Toys that grow with baby are a win-win: You’ll have fewer items to buy and fewer things cluttering the nursery. This birch wood play gym has two height settings, so it can entertain baby for tummy time and once they’re able to sit up. Baby’s also likely to be teething by this point, which means everything within arm’s reach is fair game to put in their mouths. Not to worry, though—all the hanging wood toys are non-toxic and buffed with vegetable seed wax, while the knit dolls and rattles are phthalate-free and made of organic cotton. Finn + Emma Jungle play gym, $135,

5. Liquid-Resistant Smart Changing Pad

A changing pad that’s comfortable, easy to clean, and monitors baby’s weight and progress may sound like a pipe dream—until now. This revolutionary new foam changing pad is liquid-proof without requiring a cover. It also doubles as a scale that syncs with an app to log vital info like weight, length, diaper changes, feedings and even sleeping: data you can easily share with your pediatrician. Hatch Baby Grow changing pad and smart scale, $150,

6. Activity-Tracking Baby Monitor

There are a lot of high-tech monitors on the market that offer 24/7 surveillance, but this is the only one that comes with a wireless sensor pad to track baby’s movement and breathing. The paper-thin activity tracker goes underneath baby’s mattress and will alert you if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. Another cool feature? It stores two months’ worth of baby’s sleep analytics. Angelcare AC517 tracking monitor, $250,

7. Easy-to-Use Vacuum

Let’s face it: Getting even the most basic household chores done while caring for baby can be tough. That’s why it’s important to get cleaning done fast and done right. This powerful cord-free vacuum is easy to grab whenever you have a moment—and it lasts a full 60 minutes per charge. With two heads for hard floors and carpet, a range of attachments and HEPA filtration to capture allergens, it can handle just about any task (like vacuuming baby’s mattress, which you should do regularly). Oh, and did we mention it also transforms to a handheld? Dyson V10 Absolute, $500,

8. Non-Toxic Mattress

Rest easier knowing baby’s crib mattress is as safe as they come. This hypoallergenic vegan mattress is free of dyes, chemical flame retardants and potentially harmful materials like PVC, phthalates, synthetic latex and vinyl. It’s also double-sided and sealed with a waterproof lining—but for an extra layer of protection against nighttime accidents, it comes with an organic cotton waterproof cover. Babyletto Pure Core mattress, $199,

9. Natural Fiber Rug

Babies spend a lot of time on the floor, so your first instinct may be to install wall-to-wall carpeting for a soft cushion that encourages tummy time, crawling and other activities. But keep in mind that carpet tends to trap pollutants and dust mites more than hard-surface flooring. A good compromise between the two? Bare floors with cozy, natural-fiber area rugs like this one made from 100 percent New Zealand wool. For the most eco-friendly option, go for renewable bamboo or eucalyptus flooring with a water-based oxide finish over traditional hardwood. Land of Nod Flokati Fluff round rug, $229,

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