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Elena Donovan Mauer
Contributing Writer

Scan This: Magnetic-Closure Clothes to Keep Baby Warm (WATCH!)

It's an age-old issue: How do you get fasten all those teeny little snaps on a wriggling baby's clothes without a struggle? Enter Magnificent Baby, the ingenious line of baby clothes created without snaps or zippers — but with magnets instead. No fumbling around to line up the snaps perfectly, and no pinched-by-a-zipper skin.

Two of the company's newest products include a sleep sack — a safe substitute for blankets — and an adorable and super warm hooded jacket. (Aren't the little ears adorable?) Watch this video for more details on why these are on our must-scan list.

Buy these items here and here, or register for them here.

What are your favorite products for keeping baby warm?