Q&A: Stylish Maternity Wear?

Is there any way to stay fashionable during my pregnancy or will I be stuck in frumpy maternity clothes the whole time?
ByKaitlin Stanford
Jan 2017
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That positive pregnancy test means it’s high time to pick up a few pairs of mom jeans, some supportive orthopedic kicks, and a nice holiday sweater…right? Actually, no. In fact…please, no. Believe it or not, the pregnancy and parenting handbook includes absolutely no instruction to abandon your personal style. Heels? Sure! Bikini? Why not! Seriously, you’re still allowed to be yourself.

Even when I was extremely pregnant, I still wanted to wear heels. They made me feel like I was sexy (at least from the ankles down!). It really is possible to still be sexy, feminine, and delicate when you’re pregnant — you don’t need to look and feel like a moose. I wore tons of dresses with sandals in the summer and tall boots when it was a little cooler. Cute, comfortable, and easy. Don’t forget to take advantage of your boobs. During these next nine months, they’re going to look the best they ever will! Now’s the time to pull out those tiered bra top styles…might as well show off what’s going on uptown.

—Cynthia Rowley

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