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Ways To Tell Your Partner You're Pregnant

Getting ready to spill it? Bumpies tell us how they shared the news.

We asked our readers how they broke the news to their partner and here's what they came up with...

"I made DH a card that said on the outside, 'You are the love of my life. But that is not all you are. You are also.....' And on the inside it said, 'Going to be a DADDY!' When he looked at me I was holding the positive digital test.” — AmRae11

“I crawled into bed with DH and said, ‘Good morning Daddy!’" — Jesnbrent

“I had bought a shirt for our puppy that said 'Big Brother' and hid it until the day I found out we were expecting. My husband walked in from work, and as usual, puppy got to him first. My DH said 'I see that you bought our puppy a new shirt,' and then after a pause, he understood what it meant. It was a great moment." — Dunkin

I had always planned on some elaborate way to tell DH the big news, but it just didn't work out like that. I was alone when I got my BFP, but DH got home about ten minutes after. I had nothing planned and no time to plan it, so I just told him through bursts of happy tears. He grabbed me, said congrats, and we hugged.” — Sara0110

I shrieked from the bathroom, so that was the giveaway ;)” — FinallyPG

“DH knew my period was late and that I would be taking the pregnancy test in the morning. He works nights so when I came in the next morning we talked a little about finances for a minute, then I told him we couldn't go to Argentina in January like we had planned. He asked me why and that's when I said, 'Because we're having a baby!'” — Septemberdc