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Quiz: What Will Your Baby Grow Up To Be?

Think your little one will be heading to Hollywood or Capitol Hill when he gets older? Take our fun quiz and find out!
6. Your child’s favorite barnyard animal is…
A) A pig.
B) A horse.
C) A spider.
D) A rooster.
1. As a role model to your tot, you take pride in being…
A) Fiscally responsible, of course.
B) Super athletic and fit.
C) The owner of a pretty sweet music collection.
D) Politically aware and socially conscious.
2. In your belly, your baby was most likely to hear…
A) CNBC commentators weighing in on the status of the economy.
B) ESPN, baby!
C) Songs by everyone from The Killers to the Stones.
D) You and your partner chat about front page news and debate hot-button issues.
3. The first place you’d like to take your kid sightseeing would be…
A) To Wall Street -- to see where it all happens.
B) The stadium -- to watch your favorite team play a double-header.
C) A concert -- to show your kid what good music really is early on.
D) The White House -- that's real American history right there.
4. Your kid’s favorite food is (or most likely will be)…
A) Anything with meat.
B) Cereal (Cheerios, Wheaties, you name it!)
C) Candy (M&Ms, Twizzlers... this kid's got a sweet tooth!)
D) Anything even remotely gourmet (cheese, crackers... the list goes on).
5. If your little one had a favorite wild animal, it would probably be…
A) A bull.
B) A cheetah
C) A lion.
D) A T-Rex.
7. Dream big or think practical? You’ll be psyched if your kid majors in…
A) Business or finance.
B) Physical therapy or biology.
C) Music, Writing... anything in the arts field.
D) Political science or sociology.
8. The coolest item of baby clothing you could own is…
A) A blazer
B) Nike Air Force I shoes.
C) A motorcycle jacket.
D) Any onesie with a slogan or funny saying.