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This Just In: 2012's Most Popular Baby Names

Want details on the most popular and most-picked names parents chose for their 2012 babies? Look no further.

Wondering if your kid’s name made the cut or searching for some baby naming inspiration? The Social Security Administration revealed the most popular baby names of 2012 and the list does not disappoint! While some of them look pretty familiar (Jacob took the top spot for baby boy names for the fourteenth year in a row and Sophia for the second year!), others were completely surprising (older, more classical names like Elizabeth and Abigail for baby girls)! 

Here's the low-down on the most in style (and in season) names:


  1. Sophia

  2. Emma

  3. Isabella

  4. Olivia

  5. Ava

  6. Emily

  7. Abigail

  8. Mia

  9. Madison

  10. Elizabeth


  1. Jacob

  2. Mason

  3. Ethan

  4. Noah

  5. William

  6. Liam

  7. Jayden

  8. Michael

  9. Alexander

  10. Aiden

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