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Can’t Pick a Name? Pick A URL

This is a thing. If you can’t decide on a name, or if you want to make sure your baby has the potential to become an easily-searchable Internet sensation, your newest resource is AwesomeBabyName.com.

Essentially, this generates suggestions based on which firstnamelastname.com domains are still available. Here’s how it works: Type in your baby’s last name, and then check off whether it’s a boy, girl, or “whatever.” Let’s pretend (wish) Beyoncé were pregnant again (it’s almost the three year anniversary of her epic VMA baby bump debut). She would type in “Carter,” and then click “whatever” if she were keeping the gender a surprise. Let’s see what turns up:

Catalina, Serenity, Maximus…

Phew. That means MaximusCarter.com is still free. I guess the choice is clear then?

You can also purchase the domain name through the site, starting at $3.

I think it’s safe to say my name is probably still available.

Where are you finding inspiration for baby names? 

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