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This App Uses Your Subconscious to Pick a Baby Name

Science can help you decide.
PUBLISHED ON 03/28/2017

If you think you can’t decide on a baby name, think again. The right choice is hidden in the depths of your mind—it just takes some prodding to get there. Turns out, there's an app that can help. (Naturally.)

An app called Chooze is able to analyze your own unconscious preferences to help you land on a name once you’re down to your final few contenders. Sound confusing? Don't worry; it relies on some basic tenents of decision making apps: opting for left or right.

So how does it work? You enter both names that you like and names that you hate. The app will guide you through an association test, prompting you to link names with different topics by tapping left or right. Using principals of cognitive psychology linked to your response time, Chooze can identify your subconscious preferences and figure out which name you really like best.

Photo: Chooze
Photo: Chooze

What do you think—is this what you need to combat indecision? It's currently available on the app store.

PHOTO: Chooze