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Reasons To Register For Baby

Registering for baby gear seems time consuming and a little stressful! Do we really need to do it?

Yes! We think it is important to register for baby gear. Aside from the basic things you know you'll should get (a crib, baby clothes, a car seat and a stroller), we're willing to bet there are a dozen items you might not have thought about — like bottles of baby shampoo and diaper cream. (You'll go through products pretty quickly once baby makes his debut!) So really — you need some stuff! Here are the top five reasons you should register for that stuff.

1. You have control.

Creating a registry gives you and your partner complete control over all of the products your baby shower guests buy for you (which is basically the last control you'll have before baby arrives)! You'll be able to designate how many, what colors, what sizes and which brand, which goes a lot further tham making not-so-subtle hints about what you want. Do your research, so that you're not returning items after the fact because you don't like how they work. You'll majorly cut down on having to make returns and exchanges.

2. You can register for some really fun stuff.  

Registering isn't all about stocking up on baby wipes and onesies. We promise there's fun stuff involved for you, too! At some department stores that have more than just a baby section, you can register for more than just baby products. (Uh, what's not to love about that?!) How about a Flip camera to capture all of baby's memorable moments or a few pregnancy pampering products? There's nothing wrong with adding a few items that you want (and need!) to your registry.

3. There are usually discounts.

Yup, you read that correctly — discounts! More often than not, a store will provide a discount on the items leftover in your registry after your shower. Usually, it's a percentage off the remaining items — which means, even if no one springed for that pricey stroller, you'll be able to afford to purchase it yourself.

4. Things will match.

If you don't make a registry, you're liable to get tons of baby items (from must-haves to must-returns!) that don't fit the style that you had imagined for your baby. The last thing you want is forty onesis, only one receiving blanket and a car seat that you can't stand (and can't return!). As much as guests love to pick things out, they also like to have some direction, and your registry will direct them toward your tastes and your needs. Sure, there will be a few surprises (weird gifts are inevitable!), but overall, you'll know what you're getting it stuff that you'll actually use — and not just take up space in baby's closet.

5. You'll be less crazed.

So two shower guests accidentally bought you the same gift, and you decide you didn't need that baby quilt afterall? If guests went off your registry, you only need to go to one store to return both items. And if you hit all the baby departments when you were registering, you probably will receive a pretty comprehensive collection of baby gear. And that will make you feel much more prepared for baby's arrival. A little less stress is a very good thing.

Ready to register? Get started now.

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